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Chevelle - Pictures Of You (live)
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Chevelle - Pictures Of You (live) [The Cure cover]
"If only I’d thought of the right words, I could have held onto your heart."

Henry Jackman - End of the Line (ending piano piece)
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i will never be over the fact that this was composed for a moment between steve and bucky


Cristin Milioti - La Vie En Rose (from How I Met Your Mother)
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Kids, I must have heard your mom’s rendition of La Vie en Rose a million times over the years, every night before she tucked you into bed, for instance. But that performance, that first night I ever heard her sing, that one will always be my favorite. [Download]

Hedley and Daft Punk - Crazy For You / Get Lucky
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Mash-up of 

  • Hedley - Crazy For You
  • Daft Punk Get Lucky

Requested by: stonecoldseduction

By Song-Masher - Request a Mash-up! 

Crazy For You © 2013 Universal Music Canada; Get Lucky © 2012 Daft Life and Columbia Records; My mash-ups are transformative works and are protected by the DMCA’s fair-use doctrine.

Hedley - Scream
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Scream - Hedley
Even the beautiful lose control

Hedley - Parade Rain
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So long parade rain.

Hedley - Wild Life (No Vocals)
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Hedley’s song Wild Life without vocals (enjoy)

Hedley - Bullet For Your Dreams


because hedley deserves a lot more love than they get.

(i don’t own this song)

Hedley - Hand Grenade
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& this is not the first time
& i’m sorry to say
but when it comes to pretty girls
i fall apart on the way

Hedley - Color Outside the Lines
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Blacked out in a white room

my last cigarette lost the cherry 

reminds me of fallen idols

their hearts on their sleeves when they’re buried

And freedom don’t come easy 

just show me the way and I’ll meet you there 

you’re the one thing that I needed

I’m caught in the crossfire and I don’t care