Idee Fixe
Fall Out Boy - Immortals
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Don’t worry ‘bout a thing…

Typhoon - Prosthetic Love
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I was falling in love years before I ever met someone
Like a prayer you don’t expect an answer
Though you ask for one…

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stop this nonsense

Eels - P.S. You Rock My World
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"P.S. You Rock My World" by Eels

Laying in bed tonight I was thinking

And listening to all the dogs

And the sirens and the shots

And how a careful man tries to dodge the bullets

While a happy man takes a walk

Patrick Stump - Ballad of Gay Tony
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everyone talks about blue rabbits fucking but i think we need to talk more about this beauty

"uh that means hard penis"

Regina Spektor - Samson
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I loved you first.

A Day to Remember - If It Means a Lot to You
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if it means a lot to youa day to remember

A Rocket To The Moon - I Think About You Everyday
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I Think About You Everyday - A Rocket To The Moon